2008 Topps Box Break

Jumbo Box Break

First Card: new Phillie So Taguchi

Base Cards 330/330 100% Complete Set
Doubles 42/330 12.7%
Checklists 3/3

Gold Foil Parallels (2:1) 20/330 6.1% - coallation oddity - all of my foils were in landscape format.
Gold Parallels (1:3) 3/330 45-Dontrelle(1848/2008), 141-Klesko(1834/2008), 258 Manny-Youkilis (24/2008)

50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie (1:1) 10/55 18.2% 7-Justice, 9-M Ellis,17-Verlander,21-JBay,28-Garret Anderson, 31-Podsednik, 37-Boog Powell,44-Helton, 50 -Lofton,52- R Zimmerman
Own the Game (1:1) 10/25 40% HR 2Fielder, 4 CPena,6 Holliday,9Berkman,RBI 13Holliday,14 Howard,17 Lowell,ERA23Webb,24Penny.
Trading Card History (1:1) 10/25 40% - TCH6 through TCH15 Wang,Joba, GSizemore,Ichiro,Ellsbury, Fielder, Soriano, Pedro,Dice-K,Upton,Pedro
Year in Review (1:1) 10/60 16.7% - YR49 through YR58 Ortiz/Lowell,Verlander,Sabathia,F Lopez, O Perez, Smoltz, Mark Reynolds, Jeremy Accardo, Helton,Beltre

Mickey Mantle Home Run History (1:1) 10/35 28.6% 502,503,529-536
Mickey Mantle Story (1:3) 4/10 40% 51-54

Commemorative Patch Relic (1:412) CPR-AP Albert Pujols 339/499

2007 Highlights Autograph Group D (1:895) HA-ME Mark Ellis

Campaign 2008 (1:2) 5/12 41.7% Giuliani, Huckabee, Kucinich, McCain
Campaign 2008 Gold Parallel (1:5) 2/12 16.7% Paul, Richardson (aimless info - I think the Phils former organist was named Paul Richardson)

Last Card: Boof Bonser

Purchased 2008-02-11 for 95.30 (including Tax)

Reflections - The Jumbo Box contained all 330 base cards which was the basic goal as this is the first set that I have ever completed. I opened one pack each day or couple of days depending on my schedule and compared my packs with other backs being ripped various places on-line. The whole experience was interesting and enjoyable. I was hoping for a little more out of the box - The Mark Ellis Auto is probably in the bottom 3rd of the Autos, and I am not sure what to make of the Commemorative Patch Relic - doesn't seem like much of a "Relic" to me. This box didn't come up with either of the two oddball cards (Guiliani or Uzuki)

The current plan is to work on completing the Trading Card History, All-Star Rookie, and Year in Review Sets. The presidential candidates are a lower priority. I would also like to try and pick-up original cards that match the TCH set. Doubtful the more expensive ones will find their way into my collection, but finding matches for half the set seems a manageable goal.

For Series 2 I plan on getting the smaller hobby box and comparing my results. Meanwhile I would like to gather results of other box breaks that appear elsewhere.

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