2008 Topps Heritage First Pack

240 Carlos Gomez
151 SammySosa
205 Milton Bradley
20 Jeff Kent
316 Melvin Mora
395 Eric Gagne
211 Mike Sweeney
469 Frank Thomas (sp)

one stinkin' met, No Phils, not even any ex-phils. The Short Print is a pretty good one in Frank Thomas - it would have been cute had Topps given Frank the same card as the original Frank Thomas (#490). Lots of Home Runs in this pack - If I am not mistaken there are 1900 of them in an 8 card pack that includes a relief pitcher and some kid that wasn't even born till 1985. Jeff Kent has 365 of them and he ranks 3rd in the Pack.

Its a fun first pack of the year. look forward to getting a box of this eventually. This pack went for $3.17 (including Tax) at a KB Toy Store. Gift to myself for spending a day w/ my GF while she went shopping.

And it is the first Heritage pack that I have used to contribute to my 1959 Topps/2008 Heritage Virtual Set, where I am trying to collect the lower 506 cards using either a 1959 card or a 2008 Heritage card. Five of the eight cards happened to make the cut, and the Frank Thomas has maded it into the book because I have the original '59 card (Banks Highlight) in a toploader for display.

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